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Edinburgh Fringe 2019, Dixie Fried Theatre

New York, 1962. Beat poet Elise Cowen commits suicide. Her family incinerates all but eighty- three of her poems. In a moving celebration of her life and commemoration of her death, Elise intertwines her surviving works with dramatised interviews, piecing together the true story of the woman shrouded in Allen Ginsberg’s shadow.

Exploring the thrilling and toxic culture of 1950s beat poets in America, Elise uncovers the story of a woman stifled by the culture she immersed herself in. Fast-paced, witty and reverent, the figures overshadowed by the indomitable talent of Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac are brought to light with vivacity and intensity. It will appeal to those who are passionate about poetry, literature and feminism; bringing to life the story of a forgotten poet in spectacular technicolour.


From the richly romantic to the most despairingly sad, the heart of this powerful, poignant drama is the voice of Elise.


Dixie Fried Theatre pull the story in all directions: one moment there’s a joyous beatnik party, the next is an awkward conversation between former enemies – it is a beautiful ride.


If this is the standard of production from a young troupe of actors, writers and directors, the future of British theatre is in safe hands.

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